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It’s Saturday. I’m awake at 7:15 am to my adorable son kicking his crib saying “dada dada”. Some people think ugh that’s so early, yet here I am thinking “oh my gosh! He let me sleep til after 7!!!!”

While this may seem like any other weekend morning, I knew it wouldn’t be. Today was going to be different. My son and I are going to a mommy and me zumbini class with a friend and her daughter. You may ask what is Zumbini (I know I did when she proposed it to me) ; zumbini is a music/ dance class for parents and their kids ages 0-4. feel free to learn more here.

We had a blast!!! I was so bummed though to find out that our class had to be canceled for the rest of the session and we can try again in January. I was so shocked that no other moms signed up. I thought the idea of bonding with my little guy through music, instruments and dancing was such an incredible opportunity; especially for us working moms, having a weekend class was so special.

As I sit here writing this, I’m thinking how come more moms and dads aren’t out their joining these classes. Yes I know the cost isn’t cheap but in comparison to what we pay for cell phones and cable each month, or even coffee, it was very comparable. So I ask, where are the priorities on weekends? Are we so burned out from the week that it’s hard to get up and get out to things like this? Are we making excuses? Are we struggling to find mom time? I know there are so many reasons and so many factors to why moms don’t join. I probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for my friend motivating me to go and knowing she’d be there with me.

So I’ll leave you with this. Us moms (parents) are a special tribe. We will welcome you with open arms. JOIN THE CLASS! Put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid. Be brave. Enjoy your little ones while you can because they grow so fast!

Disclaimer- I’m not here to promote zumbini or any set class. This is not a sponsored post by any means. The class I was at was at Bellani Maternity in Warwick RI. It was my first time there and I loved everything about the place, staff and the adorable items in the store. I left there feeling closer with my little man, my friend, making a new friend and some adorable items!!!

Zumbini class
New toy we got from Bellani.

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