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Incentive Trips- The Good, The bad and The OMG

Let me start by sharing with you all a little of what I do on the side of teaching. I attached my link see you can see the business/products I am referring to.

In February of 2018, I joined a company called Kalaia Products that had just launched. Kalaia is an incredible company which empowers women. Our company changes life’s in three ways: our efficacious skincare line, our charitable program and our business opportunity.

Since the beginning I have rose to a top leader within the company. With that being said I’ve been to our leadership retreat in Salt Lake City in September 2018, was invited to Vegas in December 2018, our first convention in New Orleans in April 2019, and our most recent incentive trip to Miami in October 2019.

After just returning from our trip, I’ve had some time to reflect on it. I always like to share all sides of an experience because we all know everything is not also perfect. So here goes, my honest truth about our Kalaia Incentive Trip 2019.

Miami- Eden Roc hotel

The Good- Our incentive trip took place at a beautiful hotel on Miami Beach. We were fortunate enough to have a room on the 15th floor overlooking the pools and the oceans. It was stunning! The weather overall was pretty great for the trip with just one day of on and off rain (which actually was hilarious as we were running in and out of the pool). Spending four days in the sun, celebrating our accomplishments was exactly what I needed in my business.

The trip allowed me time to meet with my leaders on my team (and other leaders) in the business. Don’t worry it wasn’t all business talk. We laughed, we shared stories and watched our kids play together. It was a special time for our families to meet one another and become a stronger Kalaia family. (Yes we call each other our Kalaia family! We are there for one another, supportive and inspiring each other to be the best that we can be).

My team of incredible Kalaia leaders enjoying our time in the cabana by the pool.

The Bad- FOMO! Here’s my number one bad for the trip. For all those who missed out- I know you are seeing the videos and the photos and you feel that deep down FOMO (fear of missing out). Well don’t fret. Now you know how incredible these trips are and you need to work to earn every single possible one!

The Omg and all the swag! Y’all this trip was so beautiful! I loved that my husband and I were able to take our son on the beach for the first time; Seeing the waves and feeling the sand in his toes. They surprised us with a room drop of Kalaia swag- beach bags and towels (see photo with our leading ladies for image of towel). They also later in the trip surprised us with special incentive trip bracelets! I love collecting these special pieces. Ohhhh and did I mention one of the best surprises ever?!?!? They shocked us with Darin Kidd showing up and doing a personal training with us! Not to mention telling us he’d be working with us for the rest of the year! INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY!!!

First time feeling the sand!
Kalaia team with Darin Kidd and Kalaia swag!

I should also mention about our closing evening for the trip. They chartered private yachts! Two of them! We cruised through the water passed million dollar homes, had a champagne toast and deserts that were to die for! It inspired me to dream bigger. I love being out on the water and want to be able to go out anytime with my family.

View from the yachts! Photo credit to Rebecca Faulks.

So my truly only bad thing about the trip…. it’s over! Also, my free time is all gone. Our incentive trip has brought life back into my business. Has reminded me of my why I Kalaia. Has pushed me to succeed even stronger in this business. I’ll be working my butt off now to make my dreams a reality. I will not quit, therefore I will succeed!

So I will say this to all of you reading this…. if you have the chance to participate in an incentive trip with your company, do whatever you can to achieve it. They are a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I’ll end this with a link to our video. Check it out and let me know what you think! If you want more info on our products or what we do reach out. I’d love to chat!

Published by Lisa Palombo

Welcome to my blog! My life is so chaotic with all the roles I play but I wouldn’t have it any other way. As a wife, mom, educator, entrepreneur, aunt, sister, friend, trainer, leader..... (and so many more), I am trying to just keep living my best life.

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