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🥰 Hello August 🥰

My gosh where did July go! How is it already August? I’m not sure but I’m here to tell you some incredible things happening my business right now! Check out my monthly email newsletter. Want to subscribe to my email? Be up to date on all things happening? Click the link below and I’ll makeContinue reading “🥰 Hello August 🥰”

Mompreneur Life: During a Global Pandemic and USA Crisis

The truth about what it is like to be a mom, entrepreneur, teacher and wife while trying to protect your family from the outside world is an intense topic. I must start by saying, I know that not everyone will agree with what I say, what I have done, and how we are coping butContinue reading “Mompreneur Life: During a Global Pandemic and USA Crisis”

Help! I need to loose the baby / quarantine weight.

Alright so today’s blog is a little different. Here’s where I open up about my struggles, look for support and solutions from all of you. There are so many plans out there, and I’ve struggled with my weight for the last ten years. I’ve tried so many programs but none have been long lasting. BeforeContinue reading “Help! I need to loose the baby / quarantine weight.”

Eat. Work. Clean. Sleep. Repeat: COVID 2020

I don’t know about you but being home quarantined has changed up my routine drastically and not for the better. I’m not here to debate whether you think you should or shouldn’t be on a stay at home order. I’m here to share with you what life has been like since quarantining. How many ofContinue reading “Eat. Work. Clean. Sleep. Repeat: COVID 2020”

Calendars and Schedules: Oldschool Vs NewSchool organizations.

When it comes to organization, are you old school or new school? I am a little of both and I think that comes from me being a visual learner. Remember those big calendars you put up on the wall and change the dates on each month, well that is very old school. In a dayContinue reading “Calendars and Schedules: Oldschool Vs NewSchool organizations.”

Are you putting your goals out into the world?

I recently listened to an incredible trainer in my industry who talked to us about goals. It hit me hard. I often create goals for myself and never put them out there for anyone else to see what I am working towards. I am sure I am not alone in this, so I wanted toContinue reading “Are you putting your goals out into the world?”

Working Moms- The heartache that you cant describe….

Since my return to work as a teacher from maternity leave, I always had a pit in my stomach. This ache that I can not explain when I leave my son at daycare and come to work. Here I am paying someone else to take care of my child so I can work. (I meanContinue reading “Working Moms- The heartache that you cant describe….”

Skincare Tips – What you should and should not be doing….

Let’s start out by doing some deep reflection…. do you have a skincare routine? Are you consistently cleansing your skin? Do you realize that your skin starts aging at 20 and the effects sun has on your skin? Well if you are like the 30 year old version of me, skincare was an after thought.Continue reading “Skincare Tips – What you should and should not be doing….”